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The Eleven Commandments of Gay Rights Activism

Wherever you find Gay Rights activism, you’ll also find varying degrees of reticence to combat homophobia and heterosexism in a meaningful way. All too often, that reticence will have a political/ideological justification: “That’s just not the way they do things on Capitol Hill. We can’t

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Doin’ Time in Gay Man’s Hell

LUKE 12: 2, 3 (Jesus Christ said) Nothing is covered up that will not be uncovered, and nothing secret that will not become known. Therefore, whatever you have said in the dark will be heard in the light, and what you have whispered behind closed

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Dissing God and Gay People

The 12 July edition of USA Today ran competing op-eds on this topic: “If Gays(sic) Serve Openly, Will Chaplains Suffer?” The topic was prompted by threats the US Armed Forces are getting from religious Conservatives. If the Department of Defense’s Don’t Ask/Don’t Tell policy is

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Transcending Gender

The word “Transgender” has acquired an importance to me that I never could have predicted. I now recognize its meaning, its true meaning, as the key to Gay identity. Transgender refers to people who transcend biological gender. It has nothing to do with the idea

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Africa Screams

Without a doubt, Uganda’s pending law to impose the death penalty on homosexual citizens is the worst case of African heterosexism I’ve heard about lately. Which isn’t to say there aren’t plenty of other cases! Here are a few. Reuters News Service reported this disturbing

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March Down Babylon

Most of Gay Americans are cowards. We’re so chicken-hearted, in fact, we just might be the New White Meat. What makes us so afraid? Not fag-bashers in a dark alley. Not police harassment when we go to a bar. Not the possibility of contracting HIV.

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Stumbling Blocks to Gay Liberation

Ignorance – Merriam-Webster’s dictionary defines ignorance as a lack of knowledge, education, or awareness. I agree with the definition, but it sounds benign. Ignorance is anything but! As we all know, it’s the root of horrendous injustices. It makes pastors, imams and rabbis deny us