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The Love of God Is for All

There is a lot of prejudice against gays in the church. Society also has used gays to explain things that go wrong. Especially when things happen and there is no ready explanation. Just as the Nazis blamed the Jews for the ills of society, so

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‘God of Surprises’ by Gerard W. Hughes | Review

To believe, as a Christian is not primarily to assent to propositions of the Christian creed: primarily, to believe is to entrust our whole being to God. (G.W. Hughes 1985) Demanding words for spiritual seekers Just as any book is read different people will arrive

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Just As We Are

Do we really need to become a new creation in Christ? Is there a need to change who we are? Some writers suggest that to become a new creation in Christ we need to change. Note there is always an emphasis that ‘we’ need to

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I Am With You Always

It seems to me that on our spiritual pilgrimage in this world we will always be going through some kind of spiritual crisis, whether dramatic or in a simple everyday occurrence. Each step of the way questions the depth of our heart and asks the