The Love of God Is for All

There is a lot of prejudice against gays in the church. Society also has used gays to explain things that go wrong.

Especially when things happen and there is no ready explanation. Just as the Nazis blamed the Jews for the ills of society, so too in the West gays have been used to explain the impact of AIDS. Minorities have always been use to control the masses. Both church and society have throughout history persecuted gays.

Yet, from an early age I have experienced the great Love of God. Firstly by being allowed to experience an ‘apparition,’ experiencing the real ‘presence of angels,’ and through grace, being given the ‘gift of healing.’ The love that is Jesus Christ has enabled me to get through so many trials of life.

I’m now 47, gay (I always have been), and this great love of God is evermore deepening.

I am university educated here in England. I have heard all sides of the argument. The so-called ‘clever people’ ruminate questions without really getting further than when they first started. They try to persuade or impose their own prejudices on others to justify their own stance. Others just go with the flow to maintain their status and/or employment.

Yet, all I know, and can know, is that the love of God is for all. Yet the given freedom of love is gravely hampered and blocked by a church and society which seems to have no love for itself or for the people in their care.

For me the greatest sin of all is to block anyone from seeking the love that is so readily there for all. I find many people searching, wanting to know, asking advice and experiencing a deeply felt hurt which needs His love to heal.

Just as the church and society have been recently confessing their sins, its about time about time both began to rectify the greatest sin of all.