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Homeless and Victimized LGBT Youth

…when statistics show that as many as 40% of the nation’s homeless youth are gay or transgender, compared to 3-5% of the overall youth population, we have to acknowledge that we’re facing a crisis. The disparity suggests that gay and transgender youth stand a much

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Christianity Affirms Same-Sex Love

It might surprise many of you that I am a very theologically conservative Christian! I believe in the virgin birth of Jesus; the Resurrection; the Ascension of Jesus into heaven; His Sacrifice that covers over all of our past, present, and future sins. I also

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The Pathology of the Gay Conservative

To “conserve” in the political sense, means to adhere to traditions of fiscal responsibility and seek to minimize the government’s intrusion or encroachment on individual rights! If that is what we meant in today’s U.S. by “conservative,” that would be a perfectly understandable political position

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The Ignorant Attempt to “Transform” Gay People

His [Phillip Lee] Way Out ministry contends in its brochures that its position comes from the authority of Scripture rather than social sciences and medicine. The “sexually broken” can be transformed through close reading of Scripture and openly discussing temptations, the ministry contends. “Since it

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The Denial of Same-Sex Marriage Rights

In The Advocate (12/2/2009) it stated: “The New York state senate on Wednesday voted down a marriage equality bill by a wide margin following months of delay and protracted political drama. In a special legislative session, the senate voted 38-to-24 against the bill, eight votes