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Anointing the Body

When we begin to imagine God relies entirely on us to get God’s point across, we risk promoting idolatry, rather than relationship. When we forget that God is alive and still creating, we can leave God out of our worship and lock God out of

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There Will Be Surprises

“There are more things in heaven and earth,” Hamlet tells his friend Horatio, “than are dreamt of in your philosophy.” About the details of the final judgment, C.S. Lewis simply stated: “There will be surprises.” The underlying promise of the Resurrection is this promise of

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Ambition Interruptus

I am enrolled in a class on spirituality. On the evening in question one of our teachers was explaining the Liturgy of the Hours – a sequence of prayers promoted by the Roman Catholic Church, and still practiced by some monastic communities. These prayers, or

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Oh We of Little Faith

“Do not be anxious,” Jesus urges his disciples. Angels generally begin: “Be not afraid.” Why not, for heaven’s sake? This world is dangerous. We’ve got crime and terrorism in our time; marauding kings, an occupying Roman army, plagues and locusts, lions in the desert in

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To Be – Or Not?

Some years ago, I tried a breathing meditation. The idea was to spend some time simply watching my own breath. Not breathing any special way, not trying to achieve anything but stillness. “If random thoughts emerge,” my teachers told me, “simply let them go.” Simply