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Father Taylor, the Sailor’s Apostle

When you hear the tone, the year will be 1854, and the place, Boston. In Albany, NY, Elizabeth Cady Stanton (the first women to ever do so) is addressing the New York State legislature on married women’s property rights — probably while her “eternally wedded”

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A Lambda Theology: Cabin Fever

Having stripped ourselves of the sacred texts of Sappho, Plato, Rumi, Dickenson, and countless others, in our eagerness to find a seat near (but not at) the Eucharistic table, I don’t want to find us the victim of a malady that I call “Cabin Fever

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Toward a Lambda Theology

Leaves of Grass was published on July 4, 1855. In other words, the year 2005 will mark the passage of precisely one century and a half since the roofs — not to mention the church steeples — of the world were first shaken by a