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Dove flying in Lisbon, Portugal

Which Faith?

I first met the woman who would become my partner as a freshman in college. She was a sophomore and lived just down the hall in the same women-only dorm. I had several high school classmates that I spent time with while Jen hung out

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The Difficult Task of Forgiveness

Forgiveness. When I read the topic for this issue, I decided I would sit this issue out. My partner asked why and I told her, “Forgiveness is my weakest area as a Christian, the biggest stumbling block I have in my walk with Jesus. I

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Defining Love

I remember a sermon my pastor delivered one Sunday when I was in high school. The subject was God and love. For the first time, I heard that the Bible, in its original languages, uses several words to describe love. Our pastor gave us examples

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Crisis of Faith

As I read my local newspaper or even thumb through my lesbian magazines, I find that my GLBT brothers and sisters are facing a crisis of faith. Our families and their churches shunned us for our homosexuality. We turned our backs on the Church and