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Dove flying in Lisbon, Portugal

Our Gospel of Grace

I love to hear people tell what their favorite Bible verses are. Their choices reveal so much about who they are and how they look at life. And when they share their choices, you can see the joy in their hearts — you can tell

Crown of thorns resting on bible

My Grace Is Sufficient for You

My conversion to Christianity came less than a month before my first mature sexual experience, and those two events have been tangled together in my understanding ever since. My conversion came out of the blue — I did not see it coming, and to this

Man flipping the page of a Bible

Suffering in the Service of Christ

One of my Biblical heroes is the prophet Jeremiah. But boy, I would not want to have had his life! For his life, like Paul’s, was a series of horrible events that would probably cause even the most mature believers to rethink their commitment to