Can Christians Cross-Dress?

As we are gay ‘GLBT’ Christians & as the Lord’s word touches on “….that you live in modesty & purity” How can a GLBT’ Christian match that goal I just mentioned? I wear femme clothes 24-7 7 I still want to love the Lord! — of course. Can you help me?

In Jesus,

Dear Richard,

The kind of clothes that you wear have nothing to do with your faith in Jesus the Christ. Living in modesty and purity are not determined by the clothes you wear.

The important thing to remember from scripture is that Jesus always taught it was a matter of faith, it is what you believe about God that matters not what you are wearing. If your mode of dress helps you be comfortable and allows you to live out your life as you need to be, then praise God!

I suppose the style of dress can affect your attitude and how you present yourself to the world around you. If dressing in women’s clothes brings you comfort and presents to the world who you are and you dress in a way that is not demeaning to you then you have found a way to be modest and pure.

For me clothes can be a statement of how I feel, a statement about me and who I am. When I put on a sharp outfit I feel like I look good and feel good about myself. So, again, if you dress sharp it matters not if it is women’s or men’s attire. Dress to make a statement about yourself and don’t worry what others might think or say. God is concerned about your heart, mind, and soul not what covers the physical body.

God Bless,
Pastor Paul