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Dove flying in Lisbon, Portugal

True Confession

June 2006 would mark the 15th anniversary of my creation of Rachel Miller and my journey to understand and accept my propensity to cross-dress. In the beginning my only goal was to feel better about my desire to wear a dress. After nearly a year

Dove flying in Lisbon, Portugal

Call the Question

My former boss encouraged in-depth discussion of issues. The goal was to unearth various points of view, assess the pros and cons of each and then select the most effective solution. Some people enjoyed the dialog but never wanted to face the difficult task of

Dove flying in Lisbon, Portugal

Transgender Pride

Keynote Speech before Reconciling Ministries Network Transgender Community Outreach Event, May 18, 2001 Sisters and brothers, friends, honored guests — good evening! I’m delighted and honored to be here with you tonight. I consider this gathering to be a highly significant event, and it’s great