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Coming Out to God: the Path of Homospirituality

Since that especially brilliant issue on “Homospirituality: A Queer Kind of Faith” , it seems that spiritual concept is always on my mind, in the deepest places of my spirit, even in my body–God’s Temple. (Sound scary?) I see the hallmarks of homospirituality as being

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Could the Religious Right Be Right?

My favorite joke is about the guy who gets to heaven and St. Peter is showing him around. The two of them began walking down a long hallway, and they came to a door. Peter opened the door and they heard all of these people

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The Universal Homospirituality

After that last issue of Whosoever, the Spirit prompted a hotbot search for “homospirituality” on the web, and all that came up was Carmen Chimento’s book Beyond the Universe. (The New Christian Theology) The Spiritual House Press, Brookline, N.H., 1996. I have since read Beyond

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Losing God: An Essay on Faith

It was a hard thing to lose God. I don’t remember what day it was, or what the weather was like, but I remember feeling lonely. I had to make a choice, God or the life I felt led to experience. It was a lonely

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There are those of us who have been exiled from the church since the orange juice crusades of the late 1970s Their slogan was “Save Our Children” but it meant from persons like myself. Two young women from small towns were one day caught in

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Where is it Written?

Independence Day 1993 found us on the eve of President Clinton’s “honorable compromise” to his original promise to lift the ban of same gender oriented personnel in the American armed forces. With the pledge of allegiance that I’d said so many times as a child

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The Difference Between Conformity and Change

A few days ago, one Diane Parker wrote to the Journal American with her own argument that homosexuality is not genetic. She believes that the “reformed homosexuals” now visible in certain videos, programs and organizations is compelling proof that homosexuals can really change. I am

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Storming the Gate: An Interview with Rev. Mel White

Rev. Mel White is an accidental activist. He came from deep inside his closet, ghost writing biographies for leaders of the religious right, to fasting in jail because his old employers would no longer recognize him once his true identity was revealed. He was thrust

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Abundant Grace Community Church: Walking the Talk

Rev. Paul Turner was convinced he had preached his last sermon, pastored his last church, and counseled his last parishioner. He had dedicated the last 8 years of his life to the church. But he was turned out of the Universal Fellowship of Metropolitan Community