Comfort in the Pain

Not that I have any greater insight into questions of God, but like many I have my understanding. Is it right/wrong? I have no idea but like most I plan to share it with you and hope that it will be of benefit to someone on Whosoever that chooses to read it.

I do not believe God creates or lets people become ill with deadly diseases such as cancer or AIDS. I believe when people find they are fighting these diseases and that their friends, family and they are at a loss as to why it is happening, God is crying with you. I don’t believe God creates these situations. It is just as heartbreaking to God as it is to each of us.

Humanity has many pitfalls and if God took away all those, it would no longer be humanity. With humaneness, comes responsibility. Though some of us are responsible, trusting, believers and may even to believe in God or that Supreme Being, the humanness of all society often infringes on our lives.

You and I didn’t create cancers and HIV viruses, but it was and has been spread by humans to other humans. I can’t think of anyone that deserves any disease but as long as we are human, we are susceptible to many illnesses.

It doesn’t answer the question of why God allows bad things to happen to people. I guess I try to concentrate on another direction for the question since I believe that God is just as devastated when creation suffers for any reason such as sickness, war or tragedy. Go feels the severity of the pain just as we are suffering through the circumstances of our pain.

As difficult as I sometimes find it, I would think that maybe through my or other’s suffering, God may be able to touch the lives of others. This may happen without our knowledge. Through suffering we may be a witness to others of strength that God gives to us in our time of need. Even in sorrow and pain, the work of faith is being done. God is at work bringing an end to every possible difficulty that humanity. It is that our humanness does not allow us to see that work.

Mostly I ask myself, what can I do while on this earth to comfort those who are ill and in need of care. I can’t answer the age old questions. I wish I could. I do believe that My God is compassionate and does not wish any harm to come to me but through my humaneness, I sometimes catch that flu, cold or even worse I do become a victim of cancer or AIDS but I can’t believe that God wished it on me or that it is her job to intervene each time I suffer.

I suffer because I am human. I have flaws. Sometimes that is all I see is flaws when I look in that mirror but I know that God is love and though she could eliminate all hardship and disease, in doing so we would no longer be human and God’s creatures (you and I) would fail to appreciate or fight for ourselves.

The idea that God should not let bad things happen to us, takes away humaneness from each of us. Even as I wish this for myself and my friends, I know that is not the way My God works. I don’t think God chooses any one person over another to get sick while others remain well, I can only attribute circumstances to our human weakness.

The human body leaves a lot to be desired in the way of protection. Some people have a great immune system while others are less fortunate. The question always comes to mind, why? Humanity is still the best I can come up with. I know how I have allowed my body to be used up. In years past, I did or didn’t do what would be best for me assuming that good health would always be mine. I did not plan for the future. Most likely I did not expect to live this long only to realize later that God had plans for me and perhaps I should have thought of that.

Though as I read this, I don’t find a great deal of comfort, I know through my faith that God cares and will be with me as I go through my illnesses and tragedies.

That’s it from me and I hope it does in some way bring peace for the soul and is helpful in comforting you in some way.