Keeping God as the Center of My Life

Any time we put anything in the center of our life besides God, we have started worshiping an idol.

I’ve worshipped many idols, from parents to teachers, from occupations to people with whom I had close relationships, even to diets and exercise programs. None of them satisfied that deep longing I felt inside and I became bitter and angry, and eventually depressed. When I got far enough away from God, I would find myself screaming inside and wishing I were dead. That is usually the time I would turn my attention back to God and say “Why are you doing this to me?” and God always responds to me the same way: “My precious child, I’ve been here the whole time you’ve taken this path away from me. I’m doing nothing but loving you from as close as you will let me be. All is forgiven. Relax and let me take care of everything. Let my joy come back to my place in your heart.” When I let go, God does take care of the things that were troubling me.

Even daily bible reading, devotions and meditations don’t always keep me centered on God.

Music does help me, however. When I go back through a hymnal or listen to hymns, I find my soul refreshed and my spirit lifted.

I am thankful that music touches places in my soul that words can’t reach.

I offer that music is how I center and keep my life centered on God.