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Keeping God as the Center of My Life

Any time we put anything in the center of our life besides God, we have started worshiping an idol. I’ve worshipped many idols, from parents to teachers, from occupations to people with whom I had close relationships, even to diets and exercise programs. None of

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Just a Piece of Glass

I am a piece of glass and if you’ll listen, I’ll tell you my story. I used to be a part of a pop bottle until a boy, who had just been in an argument, threw me at another boy’s car. I hit the car

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Is It Christmas Yet?

Each year there is a moment when Christmas arrives. It doesn’t arrive before Halloween when some stores start putting out their Christmas stuff. It doesn’t happen when the panic hits that old Cousin George will be here for Christmas, too, and you have no bed

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My Story: God Is Still Working in My Life

A couple of months ago, I guess I hit a “midlife crisis.” I was looking at my life and saying “Is this all there is?” It was suggested to me that I explore my identity, including my sexual identity. I looked at my life and