Puppet Stranger

It’s not me you see grinning from ear to ear.
It’s the puppet stranger,that helps me face fear.

The puppet stranger is a jovial fellow
His face is cold and his skin is sallow.

I can make him wink, or dance to a tune.
He’s an overgrown moppet and such a loon.

Puppet stranger is always there
to guard my secrets with very great care.

His mask like titanium a rock solid shield.
My sadness inside he will never yield.

But the eyes of the mask remain exposed.
My naked sorrow is easily transposed.

If you saw the real me what would you do?
Would you befriend me or say “Too – da – loo”?

That chance is something I’m not willing to take.
So I send puppet stranger, a great big fake.

Only lately he mocks me and say’s with a sneer,
“Are you too craven to face your own fear?”

“The eyes of the mask are empty you know,
your feelings shine through with a healthy glow.”

I know that his words are so true.
Still I wear his mask it’s stuck like glue.

Then I ask “Holy Spirit can you remove the mask.”
and His reply is “You had only to ask.”

The glue is too strong for my strength alone,
but as the Spirit helps my faith has grown.

The more I trust my Lord’s dear hand,
I see nothing to fear in this bleak land.

The mask comes off bit by bit,
Day by day with power of the Spirit.