The Whosoever Seminars

Conceived and conducted as a series of hosted teleseminars with live audience participation, these three seminars present an overview of three key areas relevant to GLBT Christians in the ongoing struggle for acceptance and recognition of their place in the church universal. Click the title of each seminar to go to that seminar’s page, which features the audio recording and a booklet.

Seminar 1: Spiritual Self-Defense for GLBT Christians

Gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people are constantly told they are sick and sinful — that their very lives are an abomination to God. These words, repeated in pulpits, yelled at us from street corners and often said by family in our own homes as we grew up, harm our self-esteem and make us ashamed of living authentically as God created us.

How do you defend yourself? How do you answer these kinds of attacks and reclaim your life as a beloved child of God who was also created as a gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender person?

Get the answers to these questions and more in this seminar, co-hosted by Whosoever Founder Rev. Candace Chellew and Rev. Paul M. Turner, Senior Pastor of Gentle Spirit Christian Church, who teach you:

  • How to take the sting out of any attack.
  • The best way to answer any words of hatred or condemnation.
  • Keys to avoid being dragged into a pointless religious debate.
  • How to see our opponents as God’s beloved children.
  • Spiritual practices you can do today to reclaim your authentic self.

As GLBT people we don’t have to be at the mercy of those who preach against us. It’s time for our community to empower ourselves and recapture our connection to God. We can no longer permit the words and actions of those who oppose us to shape our lives or stand between us and the God who made us and loves us.

It hit the nail on the head for me. It was presented very well and in a professional, organized manner. Input from the group was encouraged, which I enjoyed. — Wendy W.

Now I understand that our personal experience trumps scripture or someone else’s personal experience although we can learn from other’s experience and that being happy is more important than being right. — Chris E.

Seminar 2: The Old Testament and Homosexuality

From Genesis to Leviticus to 1 Kings, the Old Testament is often used as a weapon against gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people. Despite Jesus’ insistence that we are no longer under Old Testament law, modern day Christians still quote these texts to condemn GLBT people.

In this seminar — co-hosted by Whosoever Founder Rev. Candace Chellew and Rev. Paul M. Turner, Senior Pastor of Gentle Spirit Christian Church — you’ll learn why the Old Testament passages used against our community do not condemn us but instead are texts of hope and joy for us.

The teleseminar reinforced what we know about the Old Testament clobber passages and ways to react to them when used by homophobic professing Christians. It was a wonderful, fruitful, enjoyable teleseminar, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. — Jerry M.

Seminar 3: The New Testament and Homosexuality

From Romans 1 to 1 Corinthians, GLBT people are told that the New Testament is a source of condemnation of their very lives. When people quote Bible verses against GLBT people, these two verses are most often used from the New Testament.

In this seminar — co-hosted by Whosoever Founder Rev. Candace Chellew and Rev. Paul M. Turner, Senior Pastor of Gentle Spirit Christian Church — you’ll discover that these texts and other “clobber” passages from the New Testament are not texts of terror for GLBT, but instead are texts of hope and affirmation.

You’ll learn:

  • Why Romans 2 is just as important as Romans 1.
  • Why 1 Corinthians may hold more condemnation for those who condemn GLBT people.
  • How to answer those who use these verses to condemn you.

Whether you’ve heard this material a million times or if this is the first time, you’ll come away blessed and able to defend yourself whenever someone tries to use Scripture to condemn you.

The teleseminar gave me [such] great insights. I enjoyed hearing from, and sharing ideas with, other people of good will. — Jerry M.