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How To Call Out Anti-LGBTQ+ Bigotry in 2024

Are you as tired as I am of all the hocus-pocus used to attack LGBTQ+ people by those who are just plain prejudiced? Are you sick of all the pseudo-science bigoted people spout to project their own issues on LGBTQ+ human beings? Then you’re not

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Why Porn Isn’t the Only Right-Wing Addiction

We continue to see both the religious right-wing’s obsession with sex and sexuality and the fact that its addictive use of religion makes its sexual sickness a destructive force in everyone’s lives. The weekly examples of hypocrisy in these matters make any new revelations hardly

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What Should a ‘Beautiful’ Person Look Like?

It’s a habit people get into – they encounter a person and make judgements about how they look. To them it’s as if there’s a universal standard of what a beautiful man or woman looks like. This judgement not only affects how many critique cisgender