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Person holding mirror

What Should a ‘Beautiful’ Person Look Like?

It’s a habit people get into – they encounter a person and make judgements about how they look. To them it’s as if there’s a universal standard of what a beautiful man or woman looks like. This judgement not only affects how many critique cisgender

Pat Robertson

Religion Isn’t Responsible for Bigotry, People Are

Pat Robertson saying it in the name of Jesus didn’t make it Christian Probably the most used basis for justifying discrimination, whether it’s against LGBTQ+ people or others, is the appeal to religious claims. But is religion any more than a scapegoat to hide everything

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What Would Jesus Say to Our Haters?

They’re paralyzed with fear Imagine a story where Jesus comes up to someone who’s been an invalid for 38 years and who’s been waiting for who-knows-how-long at a place known for its healing properties — and the first question Jesus asks him is: “Do you

Woman wearing teal eyelashes

Why It Stinks To Be Stuck With These LGBTQ+ Stereotypes

Every culture has them. And we know what ours are. They’re the stereotypes, the popular definitions, the expectations, the images of what a lesbian, gay man, bisexual person, transgender person, queer person, or any of the others in that alphabet are supposed to be. They’ve

Christmas parade

How a Small Texas Town Beat Back Christmastide Bigotry

This is not a ‘War on Christmas’ story. Is it? If you think saying Happy Holidays is a problem, I disagree. But I don’t care much. I love Christmas! I’ll joyfully wish you a Merry Christmas if I know you celebrate it — even though