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Out of the Shadows

It was three years ago and I was a freshman at Earlham College, a Quaker liberal arts college in Richmond, Indiana. Like every other freshman, I had mixed feelings of excitement about all the new people, clubs, and the independence, as well as a little

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The Dance of Coming Out

In October 1996, I was attending Berea College, a small, private college in central Kentucky. I was also dating a girl I had met on campus. Her name was Jessie and she is still one of my best friends (even today). I was a different

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Out in Beirut

It is Thursday night, early May. Ismail Noshy is getting ready for his monthly meeting with his gay Arab friends. “The first Thursday of every month,” says Noshy, a 23-year-old Arab Christian, “we meet and talk about being gays and Arab.” Most of his friends,

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Oral Roberts University Alumni Come Out of the Closet

Oral Roberts University’s GLBT alums If ever one needed proof that GLBT people are everywhere, in every institution, office, school, business or otherwise, the GLBT alumni group ORU-OUT proves the theory conclusively. Formed as a support group for alumni of Tulsa, Oklahoma-based Oral Roberts University, ORU-OUT


Should I Come Out to My Church?

After years of struggle, I am un-conflicted about being both gay and Christian. My church, however, is not. I am an Episcopalian. I often am told that it’s okay that I am who I am, but I am shown something quite different. I was asked


Coming Out In a Hostile Environment

In the English-speaking Caribbean, as far as I know, there are no MCCs, PFLAGS, Human Rights Campaigns, or GLAADs to which gays and lesbians can turn for support, advice or other forms of assistance in the face of homophobia. While I am aware of people


Being Called Out From the Tomb

I have read your letters at Whosoever and have found comfort. I am a gay Christian and attend the United Church of Christ. While the denomination is known for its liberal theology on gay and lesbians in the church my denomination is quite conservative as