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The Bible Is No Defense for Violence

John Joe Thomas, the 28-year-old man accused of “stoning” to death 70 year old Murray Seidman in Pennsylvania in March 2011, claims he was simply following the Bible’s directions to kill “homosexuals” after he said Seidman made a sexual advance toward him. As a pastor

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Letters to the Editor

Editor: I am a big fan of Philip Yancey, and followed a few links to your website. I am struggling, as a result of my conservative faith, to get my head around all that I am reading. I must also confess to having harbored my

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Affirming Gay Marriage in the Christian Church

Two books, both arguing in favor of same-sex marriage, yet as different as can be! In Blessing Same-Sex Unions, Mark Jordan writes in an often ironic tone. Why should gays and lesbians aspire to receive the church’s blessing on their unions if heterosexual marriage is