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Neighbor as a Verb

Cathedral of Hope MCC, Dallas, Texas Readings for the Fifth Sunday after Pentecost: Deuteronomy 30:9-14, Luke 10:25-37 This morning, our journey through the Bible leads us down a well-worn path. We encounter a story we know as “The Good Samaritan.” Even those unfamiliar with the

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My Story

I grew up in a Southern Baptist home and church in South Carolina, a small town with cotton mills and a Presbyterian college. My parents taught me by example the family values of love, respect for all people, kindness, generosity, truth telling, fairness, self respect,

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Married to a Builder

Cathedral of Hope MCC, Dallas, Texas Readings for the Second Sunday after Epiphany: Isaiah 62:1-5, John 2:1-11 Last year, when planning today’s sermon, the Old Testament reading jumped off the page at me. It speaks of a time when the God’s people felt abandoned and

St Mary Redcliffe Church, Bristol, UK

UFMCC Moderator Meets with Archbishop Desmond Tutu

A meeting of historic significance to the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender communities took place on Dec. 12 as two internationally recognized human rights activists met in Johannesburg, South Africa. The Rev. Troy D. Perry, moderator of the Universal Fellowship of Metropolitan Community Churches (UFMCC),

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Being Fundamentalist

Cathedral of Hope MCC, Dallas, Texas Readings for the Ninth Sunday after Epiphany: II Cor. 4:5-12, Mark 2:23-3:6 I was licensed to preach on the first Sunday of June, 1973. I’ve been preaching for 24 years, with almost 10 of those years in the pulpit

Bethlehem Baptist Church, Minneapolis

Update: Greenville MCC Victorious!

MCC Greenville will soon be holding services in their new building, now that the city has approved the move. Last issue we told you the story of Greenville MCC. They were denied a permit by the city for what the zoning board said was a

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Wichita (Kan.) Metropolitan Community Church Reading for the Fourth Sunday in Lent: Luke 15:11-32 “Home” — what an emotionally loaded word! It conjures up all kinds of subjective reactions in us, according to our experience. Ideally, home is the place of safety, where you count