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A Farewell Message

Dear Saints: Today, by God’s grace, I complete my service as Moderator of Metropolitan Community Churches. I am writing these words to you today from my almost empty offices in the MCC World Centre in West Hollywood, California. The mementos of 37 years of ministry

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When the Spirit Moves You

Lesbian and gay people, along with our bisexual and transgender brothers and sisters, are spiritual people. It’s true! For more than 35 years, I’ve worked and ministered with LGBT people, and I’ve learned this lesson: Many — I believe, most! — LGBT people have a

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Peter and Cornelius at the MCC

I bet you didn’t know that the Book of Acts is all about living as a gay Christian. Okay, so that’s not really what it’s about — it’s actually a chronicle of the early church and of the movement of the gospel out of Israel

Cades Cove (TN) Methodist Church

Another Missed Opportunity

A Message from the Office of the Moderator, UFMCC The Universal Fellowship of Metropolitan Community Churches joins justice-seeking people within the United Methodist denomination and in the larger community in expressing profound sorrow and disappointment at the decision of the Conference delegates in Cleveland, Ohio

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Dr. Mel White Resigns UFMCC Justice Ministry

July 19, 1999 (Bonaventure Hotel, Los Angeles, CA.) Mel White has resigned as the volunteer Justice Minister for the Universal Fellowship of Metropolitan Community Churches. “I’m almost sixty,” he said. “In another sixty years they’re going to bury me. Until then, I want to spend

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UFMCC Celebrates 30 Years

A Pastoral Message On The Occasion of the 30th Anniversary of UFMCC Dear Saints: This has been a powerful week in my personal life. On October 6th, we observed the 30th anniversary of the Universal Fellowship of Metropolitan Community Churches. I’ve replayed the events of

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What MCC Has Meant to Me

It’s been nearly 10 years since I first set foot inside a Metropolitan Community Church. I didn’t even know such a church, aimed at the spiritual well-being and safety of gays and lesbians, existed, until my partner at the time saw an article in a

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Summer of ’68: The Founding of UFMCC

Here’s a powerful and moving story that has never received adequate historical coverage. But it is a bit of history that forever changed the international struggle for gay rights and equality. In the summer of 1968, one year prior to the Stonewall events, there was