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American Army soldiers marching with backpacks

The Fight Has Only Begun

Now that “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” may be, at long last, on its way out, LGBT Christians must do more than merely rejoice. There is work for us to do yet. Christians have been a big part of the reason why the grievously discriminatory policy

Military camouflage helmets

The Giant Lavender Rabbit

All these studies and surveys about the effects of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell serve only to show one thing — something largely missed by the media and most of the public. They show how truly irrational many people still are about homosexuality. They’ve gotten ahold

American Army soldiers marching with backpacks

Dissing God and Gay People

The 12 July edition of USA Today ran competing op-eds on this topic: “If Gays(sic) Serve Openly, Will Chaplains Suffer?” The topic was prompted by threats the US Armed Forces are getting from religious Conservatives. If the Department of Defense’s Don’t Ask/Don’t Tell policy is