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Light emanating into a cave opening

Anointing the Body

When we begin to imagine God relies entirely on us to get God’s point across, we risk promoting idolatry, rather than relationship. When we forget that God is alive and still creating, we can leave God out of our worship and lock God out of

Light emanating into a cave opening

The Reality of Resurrection

What if we were to understand the resurrection and ascension not as the bodily translation of some individuals to another world — a mythology no longer credible to us — but as the promise of God to be permanently present, “bodily” present to us, in

Light emanating into a cave opening

The Idea of the Resurrection

During the last year the resurrection has taken on a new meaning for my life. I have come out of the closet and had to face myself in a new way that I had been reluctant and so confused that it literally took an act

Light emanating into a cave opening

Not Yet

“So if the Son makes you free, you will be free indeed.” — John 8:36 Not yet. Not yet. I’m too consumed with little passions, small dislikes, tiny hungers — little things that confine me. Like a man in a little box, whose world is

Light emanating into a cave opening

Faith in What Cannot Be Seen

“The empty tomb we celebrate today represents to me faith in the unseen knowing That with faith and hope in the goodness of and love for and gratitude to God Miracles are a reality And anything is possible for one who believes” — John H.