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Jesus, Wake Up!

A pastor I know prominently displays in his home a photograph depicting an impressive lightning bolt during a storm. He said it reminds him where the true power in the world lies – with God – not with humans. It is God who holds the

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We’re One, But We’re Not the Same

Sermon delivered May 18, 2008 at Garden of Grace United Church of Christ in Columbia, SC By: Candace Chellew Readings: Matthew 28:16-20 2 Corinthians 13:5-14 Is it getting better, or do you feel the same? Will it make it easier on you, now you got

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Behold the Butt of God

Readings: Exodus 33:12-23 Matthew 22:15-22 I used to think my dad was God. He was a Southern Baptist preacher and each Sunday I’d see him ascend onto the stage and take his place behind the pulpit. There he was – placed high above those of

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True Grit

Joshua 24:1-3a, 14-25 He had real grit, that Joshua. When his fellow spies felt like grasshoppers and the Canaanites looked like giants, Joshua and his friend Caleb urged the Hebrews to take them on even though their compatriots threatened to stone them for their advice.

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Sin, Self and Thomas Merton

A number of years ago, at a parent’s night held at the school where I taught theology to junior high students, a parent asked a question no one had ever asked me before: “Who has been the greatest influence on your spiritual life?” I remember

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Anger and Compassion

“God Hates Fags!” “Matthew Shephard is Burning in Hell!” “No Tears for Queers!” Those were just some of the signs being held aloft by the protesters at this year’s Gay Pride Parade in Atlanta. The protesters had come all the way to Atlanta from their