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A personal first-hand story: David P. Gushee’s address “Ending the Teaching of Contempt against the Church’s Sexual Minorities” delivered at The Reformation Project Conference in Washington, D.C., on Nov. 8, 2014

It was a dream about a waterfall that finally gave David Hayward the peace of mind he needed after leaving his career as a pastor in 2010 after almost thirty years of service.

“Is it wrong to be transgender?” I sometimes ask myself. “Does God really prefer that we stay within the binary genders the doctors assign us at birth?”

The sense of being persecuted has been a rallying cry provoking the faithful to protect their brand and even take up arms.

We may proudly say “Here am I, this is me,” but until we reconnect with the God of love, we are but shadows of the souls that we were created.

There are no children or adult tables, white or black or brown tables, LGBT or straight tables, Republican or Democrat or Libertarian or Tea Party tables. There are no Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist or atheist tables.

Candy was right about one thing: it was 1979, and the world was changing fast.


taoco-coverArtist and author David Hayward has been writing and drawing cartoons at his Naked Pastor blog since 2005. He left the professional ministry in 2010, partly in response to his controversial drawings and musings, to dedicate himself to his art, writing and creating community for others who have felt abused and abandoned by the traditional church. He has just released a new book called The Art of Coming Out: Cartoons for the LGBTQ Community
that feature more than 100 of his sketches about the LGBTQ community and religion.

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