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MARCH 2014

Do not be fooled, the opposition to LGBT equality is exactly the same as opposition to black civil rights all those years ago, a dying majority’s last ditch effort to retain its power and influence.

I’m hoping that after breaking gay male stereotypes, Michael Sam and his generation can also reject masculine ones.

In my opinion, anyone who attempts to tell me that Jesus, First Century Man of Steel, spoke through the wall of temporal Kryptonite to warn us about the evils of “homosexuality” cannot be taken seriously.


If this can happen among the conservative judges of Utah and Oklahoma, then who’s next? Missouri? Alabama? Texas? And make no mistake about it – the right-wing is running even more scared that this can happen in their own backyards. It’s ready to play even more serious hardball to keep its cultural relevance apparent and its fund-raising up.

Not only do anti-gay Christians keep their brains in their shorts, but their hearts also seem to be stuck there.  Thus do they demonize other human beings instead of reaching out to them with God’s love.

2014 won’t be a pretty year. But falling into hopelessness, hiding, turning inward, and refusing to fight all of this would be self-destructive, disempowering and a vote for the ugliness.

Robertson’s dead theology is downright ugly.

The easiest way to go astray is to let others, including denominations and other professing Christians, tell us what to think and how to act and, thereby, put us into bondage to their views of the world and their view of how a Christian is to think and act.



Be yourself. Be loved. Grow in faith.

In 2014, Whosoever will undergo a makeover and emerge with an even more vital role to play in the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Christian community.

Since 1996, Whosoever has been the premiere online magazine for LGBT Christians and has provided years of deep and inspiring spiritual writing for our community. We have helped many LGBT people reconcile their faith and their spirituality, and our new Whosoever Community will focus on helping LGBT Christians go further in their faith.

We envision this new community as a safe place where LGBT Christians — and their straight allies — can come together to talk, pray, laugh and learn with one another. This community will be a place where everyone is invited to be yourself, be loved and grow in faith.

We will help LGBT people and their allies grow in faith by providing a content-rich experience including an interactive community where people can connect, podcasts and webinars for in-depth spiritual learning, and, as always, great articles from editor Candace Chellew-Hodge and other contributors.

Watch this space! The new Whosoever Community is coming in 2014. You don’t want to miss your opportunity to be a member!

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Episcopal Bishop Gene Robinson has used his experiences, and his high position, to pen a new book, God Believes in Love: Straight Talk About Gay Marriage, that seeks to answer the ten most popular questions he has heard about marriage equality for gay and lesbian people. In the book, he tackles questions like why marriage is even an issue for LGBT people, why straight people should support it and why civil unions, while they are a good first step, simply won’t be enough to satisfy the LGBT community.

Listen to the Whosoever interview with Bishop Gene Robinson.

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