Insolence I Have Known

Excerpts of Letters Received By Whosoever

"You love darkness more than light, you will be one of those to whom Lord will say: "Depart from me, I never knew you". You know this as well as I do. You can fool other people but cannot fool yourself, and of course, you cannot fool God. You chose your life style, and you will bear responsibility for that. God loves you, but He is just and He hates your sin. Please repent and quit your evil practices, God will forgive you. I will pray for you and I hope to see you in Heaven."

"There is no such thing as a christian homosexual - that is a paradox! The Bible, as well as nature, clearly condemns homosexuality and no homosexual will ever enter heaven without repentance - ie. to TURN AWAY from their DISGUSTING and PERVERSE actions to seek to lead a holy and acceptable lifestyle in the eyes of the Lord."

"Either I know God and you don't or you know God and a majority of christians now and vertually all of them in the past have not. How in the world could you say that homosexuality is not sinful. Do you think if Jesus married on Earth he'd be gay? Let me just say one thing, I know that I know God and I know that homosexuality is DISGUSTING and SINFUL in the eyes of my father. If it wasn't, I wouldn't care about it. So if you are never willing to repent to God then don't expect to be ever be saved."

"What do you think about beastiality? I'd really like to know. I think it's just the same as homosexuality. Someone should make a website for "animal loving christians" and tell them that its OK."

"I believe that homosexuality is wrong in God's eyes along with many other sins that plague humanity. I do not hate or even dislike the homosexuals that I know but rather am concerned about them and the state they are in. Recognition of making a mistake or wrong doing is always a first step. I hope that you and your friends through Christ's help can alter your lifestyles and take a big step in serving Christ. Turn to Jesus for all the needs that this world cannot fulfill..."

"It is a cunningly devised, decietful lie and I didn't buy into it. Read Leviticus 20:13. You people should be put to death so that you won't keep lieing. The difference between me and you is that I know God and you don't. Because if you knew God you would continue in sin. You won't last. One day an anti-homosexual group is going to rise up in America and slaughter you all."

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