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I Don’t Want To Go To Hell

Hi, my names Christopher, I’m 15 and a kind loving soul who tries not to judge others and tries to treat others as a treat my self (golden rule). However I’m gay. I don’t know if homosexuality is bad in God’s eyes and in my


Am I Going to Hell?

My name is Ken. I was raised conservative Church of God and I have been taught my whole life that homosexuality is a sin. I began my coming out journey about five years ago when I was fifteen. Now I am in a committed relationship

The Peacemakers by George Peter Alexander Healy

We Are Not Three-Fifths of a Human Being

Marriage Equality, those two words have become the center of the final battle for gay rights. How far we have come and how far we have yet to travel. I remember when I was much younger and first coming to understand my sexual attraction and

Abandoned adult

Our Spiritual Titanic

If there is one thing that is sure as the rising or setting of the sun, it is “Christians” do not like to be called on their crap. They say they help those who are hungry, homeless or on society’s edge because it is the

Christmas ornament with reindeer Santa and sleigh

The Christmas Fraud

I want to share this obvious observation: Even if there were some remote chance I could become pope… they would never let me. The reason is simple — and it is not because of my progressive views of Christian theology, or the fact that I