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Building a Bridge for Such a Time as This

Listen to the podcast interview  The Golden Gate Bridge isn’t on the road to Emmaus, but it’s where Lisa Darden had her encounter with God. After being led to Christianity in the early ’90s by someone who was gay, Darden, a filmmaker born in Germany

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TV’s Leap of Faith

Imagine the Hollywood pitch meeting: Producers try to convince cable television executives to green light a new series about a burned out Oklahoma City homicide detective named Grace. She smokes, drinks, swears, looks for love in all the wrong places, and is played by Holly

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Summer Camp, Only Different

Like most kids, I went to camp. Unlike most other kids, I only went once. I hated camp … with a passion. My one and only experience was at Camp Pinnacle – a Christian camp in Clayton, Georgia. I was one of a herd of

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Love Knows No Gender, Only Soul

We didn’t buy tickets early, as we drove down the streets of Spokane we discussed this possibility. My best friend and I saw no need in a conservative town like this, we were just happy it was even here to see. As we rounded the

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Black Gay & Christian Author Debuts Syndicated TV Talk Show

Herndon L. Davis, author of last year’s controversial book, Black, Gay & Christian, is at it again. Reaching into nearly 16 million households, he is debuting the world’s first black gay/lesbian, TV news/talk show on DirecTV channel 227 and on Comcast Cable TV101 Southern California.

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Converting a Christian Music-Phobe

I’m not a big fan of contemporary Christian music. I think it’s safe to say I’m a “Christian music-phobe” – because my fear of the music is probably irrational, but based in solid criteria. Usually the music is fairly pedestrian, lacking any real hook or