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Statue of Jesus

A Matter of Life or Death

I’ve only seen the picture twice, for a total of twenty or thirty seconds, but its image burned a permanent path in my brain synapses. There are fresh cuts on the man’s cheek, where someone brutalized him with a sharp object. His face is also

People holding retro television next to each other

New TV Show Proclaims ‘Whosoever Believes’

And that means everyone, even those you don’t like I’ve been getting Selma Massey’s hate mail. Ever since Focus on the Family decided to run a piece on their Website about Dr. Massey’s new TV show in Detroit, serendipitously called “Whosoever,” I’ve been deluged. The

Crowds of Party People Enjoying a Live Concert

The Gospel Girls: Praising God in a Gay Bar

It’s Sunday night in Atlanta. Hundreds of people pack a popular place to hear some good gospel music. The organ music begins as the people chat with each other and make themselves comfortable. The music builds and the announcement is made, “Please welcome, Morticia DeVille

People holding retro television next to each other

Fighting Pat Robertson and His Rhetoric of Intolerance

Most Americans don’t even know that the popular, G-rated Family Channel was founded by televangelist Pat Robertson and is run by his son, Tim, as a very profitable “outreach” of Pat’s non-profit Christian Broadcasting Network. The Virginian-Pilot reported (Feb. 12) that Fox and other communication