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Wood frame house

Living in a House Haunted by Love

I’m sometimes asked if my house is haunted. My father died there, my mother died homesick for it and, years earlier, she claimed to have been visited there by my grandmother’s ghost. The place is over 60 years old, and it certainly does contain its

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Introducing ‘Letters to Home’

This will be a regular column here at “Whosoever”.  The title of it is, “Letters to Home”.  I will be writing letters to home that talk about me and what it is about living as an out and proud lesbian. I want to introduce myself. 

Face painted pride colors

What Does ‘Coming Out’ Mean?

Without a doubt the term “coming out” has different shades of meaning to those in the gay community. For many this step means that they finally “come out” of hiding in the closet of fear and admit their true feelings to themselves and begin to

Black male hands resting on an open Bible

The Faces of God

We without God cannot, and God without us will not. (St. Augustine) God, as revealed to us by Jesus Christ, often uses fallible human beings to carry out “His” work in this world. Of course these human vessels in no way limit Who God is.

LOVE in the hot summer

Love Is Just Plain Weird

This is a strange story. Both those in my long-ago and faraway “straight” life and those in my world today will surely think so. It is a love story. And it recounts the experience that, perhaps more than any other, showed me who I really

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It’s in Giving That We Receive

It’s in giving that we receive. (Prayer of St. Francis, 13th century saint) When you give, You begin to live, You get the world. (“You Might Die Trying,” Dave Matthews Band, 21st century musical group) I have what some people might call “issues” around money.