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It’s in Giving That We Receive

It’s in giving that we receive. (Prayer of St. Francis, 13th century saint) When you give, You begin to live, You get the world. (“You Might Die Trying,” Dave Matthews Band, 21st century musical group) I have what some people might call “issues” around money.

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To My Family

Mom and I had an interesting conversation recently. We were discussing my penchant, from childhood, to be a contrarian. I told her that one of my favorite shirts as a kid was a sweatshirt with a big yellow arrow on it pointing off to one

Each day that I wake I give thanks

Journey to Joy

Joy is one of the fruits of the Spirit that rarely gets “top billing,” so I’m glad that this issue of Whosoever is devoted to gratitude so I could share my experiences in discovering one of the keys to live joyfully. Those of you who

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Resurrected in Love: Being a Child of God

The resurrection has taken on a new meaning in my life this last year. I have come out of the closet and had to face myself in a new way, and I had been so reluctant and confused about it that it literally took an

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More Stories of Faith

Emily Ramsey’s Story I’m a 22 year old woman, both a Christian, and a lesbian. I became a Christian when I was about 7 years old, and grew up in the church. I was home-schooled, and attended a private Christian school at my church. When

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Me? In Spiritual Crisis? Never!

Choosing topics for Whosoever is a difficult task. It’s probably the hardest thing about this magazine for me. I’m not a fount of good topic ideas, so finding a topic for each issue is always a struggle, and the last thing on my mind. Given