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What Religion Is This That Loves But Does Not Love?

As a gay activist and son, I finally, openly reflect on my mother’s inability, after 15 years, to escape her homophobic religious surroundings in which my father, her husband who is a lay-pastor, dominates her life, manipulating her landscape through the grid of his own

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Why Let Go?

We can work on the positive things in our life and in our community and look to moving away from some who would make us feel negative about who we were created to be. We can allow people, places and things the freedom to be

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What Does ‘Coming Out’ Mean?

Without a doubt the term “coming out” has different shades of meaning to those in the gay community. For many this step means that they finally “come out” of hiding in the closet of fear and admit their true feelings to themselves and begin to

Each day that I wake I give thanks

A New View on Tithing

In the winter of 2009, I had the world at what I felt was the palm of my hand. I was in my mid thirties, I was earning approximately 100K per year, I had two vehicles in the driveway and I was about to embark

Parent and child spending time together

A Momentary Parental Revelation

You know how the prayer starts, especially if you’ve spent any amount of time in a more liturgically inclined congregation. It is the prayer that’s often introduced with words such as, “And now, as our Savior taught us to pray, we are bold to say…,”

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Where Is Your God?

It is a shame that gays and lesbians are questioned often the authenticity of their relationship with God. Many are rejected by their family and friends and are not welcomed into “Church” because many Christians do not believe one can be gay and “Christian”. I

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Sometimes Less Really Is More

There’s something so appealing about the story in the Gospels of the poor widow throwing her two copper coins into the temple treasury, in contrast to the larger sums donated by wealthy patrons. It’s such a simple concept, anyone can understand it. Who can’t see