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Hosea: A Lesson for Today

Most people do not enjoy or endure tolerating unfaithfulness … especially in their most special and intimate relationships. This was historically true in the nation of Israel also. The Lord told the prophet Hosea to do something unique. This undoubtedly attracted much attention and ridicule.

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On Learning To Hate Yourself

Lesson one: go to church. Most churches, even if they claim tolerance, hate homosexuality. If you’re lucky, you will find a church that doesn’t talk about sex in general; in such cases, your sexuality will be a particularly anxious absence. Silence is a good teacher.

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The AIDS Quilt: Celebration of Life

Today I saw the AIDS quilt for the first time. It was a nearly perfect autumn afternoon with a gentle breeze and crystal blue sky. After church I went down to the National Mall with a couple of friends. Beginning on the west side of

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Love In Action: One Ex-Ex-Gay’s Story | Interview

CULT: quasi-religious group, often living in a colony, with a charismatic leader who indoctrinates members with unorthodox or extremist views, practices or beliefs. (Webster’s New World Dictionary.) I would rather you commit suicide than have you leave Love In Action wanting to return to the

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Ex-Gay Ministries: Deception As Cure

“At New Hope Ministries we do not attempt to make heterosexuals out of homosexuals. Rather, we attempt to change a person’s identity, the way a person looks at himself.” These are the words of Frank Worthen, a leader in the world of ex-gay ministries. It