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Rome Pokes Canterbury in the Eye — Again

On January 1, the New York Times reported that the Roman Catholic Church had established a “Personal Ordinariate of the Chair of Saint Peter” which will function as an ecclesiastical home for members of the Episcopal Church who wish to transfer their allegiance without giving

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Anglicans and Rome

The top ecumenical – some are saying un- or anti-ecumenical – news of the year occurred October 20th with a Vatican announcement. Bypassing forty years of Anglican-Roman Catholic conversations-cum-negotiations and blindsiding Archbishop Rowan Williams, the head of the seventy-million-member Anglican Communion, Vatican officials announced that

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Archbishop Tutu Speaks Out for GLBT People

Archbishop Desmond Tutu once again set a stellar example for religious leaders and faith communities with his outspoken and unrelenting stand for justice and human dignity. Hundreds of enthusiastic admirers gathered April 8 in San Francisco’s Grace Cathedral as the archbishop received the 2008 Outspoken

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Lambeth Ruling Angers Liberals

In the aftermath of the anti-lesbigay vote of Anglican bishops, there is anger, rejection, defiance, networking, mourning, organizing, and that “gutted and lynched feeling.” The lasting image of the now-concluding global Lambeth Conference of Anglican bishops will likely prove to be the confrontation between Nigerian

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A Soulforce Response to the Sad News from Canterbury

The truth about God’s lesbian and gay children suffered a tragic (though temporary) setback this Wednesday, August 5, 1998. In Canterbury, England, bishops from 160 nations representing 70 million Anglicans worldwide (including the Episcopal Church in the U.S.) voted 526 to 70 (with 40 abstentions)

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Anglican Bishops Reject Gays

After much fighting, bishops attending the Anglican Communion’s once-a-decade Lambeth conference in Canterbury, England, rejected gay sex as “incompatible with the scripture” and said only celibate gays can be priests. The 526-70 vote (with 45 abstentions) on the non-binding resolution was a victory for conservative