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Tattooed man praying

Rooted in Prayer

Without roots to grow, a plant will die. Without prayer (communication with God), a Christian begins to wither and grows distant from his/her faith. Eventually the faith dies and the Christian, while perhaps thinking that he/she is a good Christian, has really died too. Communication

Tattooed man praying

Praying in Every Season

Sometimes you can read something over and over and still miss something important. Then reading it again, it’s like God takes his highlighting pen and makes what you’ve missed so vivid that you can’t ignore it. That happened to me as I was studying for

Tattooed man praying

The Power of Prayer Is Real

The awesome power of prayer is almost beyond comprehension. In my life prayer has been a large source of my everyday existence… without the constant prayer exchange between myself and God, life would be unbearable. My greater experiences with prayer is this: One morning I

Man In Yellow Protective Suit

Making Prank Calls to God

Hello? Hello? Click! Why is it that so many Christians prank call our Heavenly Father? Can you imagine what it must have been like when Moses had hiked all the way up Mount Sinai to find that cooky bush that just kept burning? I imagine

Tattooed man praying

The Power of Prayer

Very recently I have had the great privilege of trying to discover the true power of prayer. The past three months have brought me one of the most difficult times in my life, and because of this trial I have had to re-assess my faith