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Christian Spin on ‘Ex-Gay’ Study Creates Harm

A recent study, “A Longitudinal Study of Attempted Religiously Mediated Sexual Orientation Change,” published in the Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy, has been hailed by conservative U.S. Christians in publications and websites as a breakthrough. A Christian political group in Australia, the Salt Shakers,

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March Down Babylon

Most of Gay Americans are cowards. We’re so chicken-hearted, in fact, we just might be the New White Meat. What makes us so afraid? Not fag-bashers in a dark alley. Not police harassment when we go to a bar. Not the possibility of contracting HIV.

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The Religious Violence of ‘Defending Marriage’

A recent article in The Atlantic and recently released Lutheran documents give good reasons to revisit the status of gays and lesbians across American society. Unfortunately, few commentators to date have addressed the most troubling development of the past few years: the growth of DOMA