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Reclaiming Our Baptism, Remembering Who We Are

One of the features of being in foster care for many, especially in the ’70s and ’80s, was there was no contact with the birth family to be had. Depending on family circumstances, that can be a good or bad thing. But the result is


Letters to Home: Claiming a Marriage Passage for Myself

Dear Bro, I try to read all the articles posted here on Whosoever — including Dr. Robert N. Minor’s May 16th article titled “Who Are Those ‘Eunuchs Who Have Been So from Birth’ in the Gospel of Matthew?” I know this article is talking about

Tattered Glory

Letters to Home: Insurrection, Snake Oil and the Bible

Dear Bro, Wednesday is a day I will remember for a long time. A group of Donald Trump supporters stormed the Capitol. I heard words that I never thought I would hear — insurrection, treason and more. I don’t know how many people were protesting,