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Religion as a Literal Battlefield

I am in the middle of grading student papers on our unit on Religious Oppression and Christian Hegemony. Below in the initial quotation is how one student began her essay with my response: “I feel very fortunate to have not been raised as a member

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An Old, New Way to Pray

Gamma, gamma, hey! Neuroscientists who have been studying Buddhist monks and how meditation affects the brain since the early 1990s have made some pretty phenomenal discoveries over the decades. Meditation on subjects such as compassion, loving-kindness and even just following the breath, is shown to

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Just Say No to the Right Wing’s Hip-Flask Hooch

Some years ago I served on a panel of LGBTQI community leaders for a local community college.  I was there as a representative of the queer spiritual community; among the panelists were a couple of businesspeople, a hardcore activist and the college’s police chief, a

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Reclaiming Our Baptism, Remembering Who We Are

One of the features of being in foster care for many, especially in the ’70s and ’80s, was there was no contact with the birth family to be had. Depending on family circumstances, that can be a good or bad thing. But the result is