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Soldiers boarding airplane

Love in a War Zone: A Journey of Peace to Iraq

Editor’s Note: Kara Speltz, 65, spent three days in Baghdad witnessing and documenting how the U.S. bombing of Iraq was affecting the country and its residents. The Iraqi government expelled her and other members of her group from the Christian Peacemakers Team for taking unauthorized

Soldiers boarding airplane

Sorrows of War: What Would Augustine Say?

Though Augustine is widely known — and frequently reproached — for developing the concept of a “just war,” he believed war is essentially an occasion for remorse. “The wise person will wage just wars,” he wrote, but even the possibility of war “should cause humans

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Queer and Christian in Iraq

Ever since the oppressive Taliban government was dismantled, the United States has been pursuing Saddam Hussein’s regime. In Iraq, the United States is seen as a Christian nation. Maybe because most Americans are people who believe in Christ, whether they call themselves Christian or Catholic

Parent and child spending time together

Gay Adoption: What Would Jesus Do?

First Rosie O’Donnell. Now Janet Reno. The issue of gay adoptions is not going anywhere – at least not any time soon. Earlier this month, at a fund-raising event for the Human Rights Campaign, Reno said that if she were elected governor of Florida she

Boy with partially covered face

Out in Beirut

It is Thursday night, early May. Ismail Noshy is getting ready for his monthly meeting with his gay Arab friends. “The first Thursday of every month,” says Noshy, a 23-year-old Arab Christian, “we meet and talk about being gays and Arab.” Most of his friends,


Legal Defense of Gay Marriage

W. C. Fields once said, “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again; then quit – there’s no use being a damn fool about it.” Unfortunately, such words of wisdom continue to be ignored by a group in Vermont, who recently lost yet another

The Capitol, Washington, D.C.

Stem Cells and the Heterosexual Agenda

President-Select George W. Bush’s recent decision to support federal funding for stem cell research has drawn some interesting responses from conservatives in America. Some regard his decision as a betrayal of his pro-life campaign promises, while others are modifying their views so they can stand