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Group of friends hugging with backpacks

Of Pandemics, Social Distancing, and Hugs

For those of us who are old enough and were somewhat “woke” back then, the COVID-19 pandemic invokes hidden emotions that remind one of the painful early years of the AIDS crisis. There are differences, certainly, because this pandemic is directly affecting a broader demographic,

Photo by Steve Johnson on Unsplash

Jesus Loves You. Here’s a Condom.

Weird situation at church yesterday. A group of us were sitting around talking, waiting for our weekly men’s group to begin, and there was this plastic bucket sitting on the table in front of me, filled with condoms. All kinds of condoms. Colored, textured, lubricated,

Photo by Steve Johnson on Unsplash

No One Picture of HIV/AIDS

“There is no easy way to ever tell anyone this. We find the best way is to just tell people flat out. You have HIV.” That is a sentence that no one ever wants to hear, but sadly it is still spoken. I heard it