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Chaotic People on Charles Bridge in Prague

The Original Herd Immunity

This may be the most sadly ironic World AIDS Day yet, as we watch the governments and corporations of the world marshal the necessary resources to banish a virus from the face of the Earth in just over a year’s time. And when they’re done,

Group of friends hugging with backpacks

Of Pandemics, Social Distancing, and Hugs

For those of us who are old enough and were somewhat “woke” back then, the COVID-19 pandemic invokes hidden emotions that remind one of the painful early years of the AIDS crisis. There are differences, certainly, because this pandemic is directly affecting a broader demographic,

Young Couple Enjoying Romantic Moments in Nature

Jesus Loves You. Here’s a Condom.

Weird situation at church yesterday. A group of us were sitting around talking, waiting for our weekly men’s group to begin, and there was this plastic bucket sitting on the table in front of me, filled with condoms. All kinds of condoms. Colored, textured, lubricated,

Black man playing with a magnifying glass

Africa Screams

Without a doubt, Uganda’s pending law to impose the death penalty on homosexual citizens is the worst case of African heterosexism I’ve heard about lately. Which isn’t to say there aren’t plenty of other cases! Here are a few. Reuters News Service reported this disturbing

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No One Picture of HIV/AIDS

“There is no easy way to ever tell anyone this. We find the best way is to just tell people flat out. You have HIV.” That is a sentence that no one ever wants to hear, but sadly it is still spoken. I heard it

Intimacy between two men

This Is Crucial!

I was talking to a brotha the other day (we’ll call him James), and the conversation we had was very interesting. See, this brotha is young, intelligent, beautiful, and goal oriented. He has a plan for his future and is on his way to success